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Cash-Out Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns


Cash-Out Refinance direct mail campaigns are a favorite among many loan officers because they generally help homeowners address a very specific, and often emotionally charged, need in their life; such as getting out of debt, paying for medical bills, or helping their children go to college. It is for these very reasons that the homeowners are highly motivated to take action and a Cash-Out Refinance is the means to their end.

Now is a great time to begin a Cash-Out Refinance direct mail marketing campaign for your sales team. Not only do they convert to closed loans at higher than average rates, the current financial and housing markets in the US, namely rising home equity, are creating a mini boom of Cash-Out refinances. Here at Overflowworks, we make it our business to stay current and in the know when it comes to all aspects of the mortgage industry so that we can help our clients stay ahead of the curve, and thus remain profitable throughout industry fluctuations. A recent study shows that Cash-Out Refinances are up 78% for the first quarter of 2015 compared to last year.

Like all of our targeted mortgage campaigns, we have developed a Cash-Out Refinance offer letter that guarantees a higher than average response rate. You can rest assured knowing that Overflowworks has been perfecting the craft of Direct Response Marketing for over two decades and our premium data sets ensure that every caller is qualified and meets your specific criteria.

Sample Cash-Out Mortgage Marketing Letters:


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