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16 Jun

Mission Centric Marketing Increases Response for Auto Dealers

I recently attended a national automotive marketing conference at the famous Bonaventure hotel in downtown L.A. where the CMO’s of Honda, Nissan and Hyundai all spoke about where automotive marketing was heading. One thing they all had in common is they were trying to connect emotionally to car buyers with a cause and make it less about

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15 Jun

Double Direct Mail Response Rates with Mission Centric Messaging

I have done over 1 billion direct mail pieces over the past 25 years in the mortgage and automotive space and I’m always amazed at how similar their businesses are when it comes to marketing. It’s fun bringing automotive marketing ideas to the mortgage industry and vice versa. I recently attended a national automotive marketing

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13 Apr

How to Recruit Loan Officers Who Can Close Leads

One of my biggest frustrations is when we crush it with our marketing and generate a ton of qualified leads to our client but their sales team just aren’t well trained to close them! Over the last 20 years I’ve been training sales people on how to close leads so rather than be frustrated with this situation I decided to

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12 Sep

Reverse Mortgage Leads

Get access to the latest in marketing tactics for Reverse Mortgages Leads Lower your marketing cost, increase your response rate and fund more loans Fill out the form below to have the webinar link immediately sent to your inbox

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10 Mar

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing – 3 Reasons Direct Mail is Best Advertising Investment In a world where new businesses turn to the internet for their lead generation, traditional direct mail has become even more valuable to those who know how. Whether you are looking for a quantifiable solution to your marketing efforts, or a more targeted

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