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HARP Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns


O ver the past year, many mortgage companies may have noticed a decreased response in their HARP mail campaigns. This could have happened for a variety of reasons, but for most companies it was simply due to oversaturation in the market and their inability to stand out in the crowd. Borrowers were being solicited every week by another mortgage company promising them the lowest payments and those who hadn’t already refinanced eventually stopped paying attention.

Thankfully, the team at Overflowworks has remained vigilant in testing new letters and new data sets to stay current with what is working. Since many companies shifted interest to other products, such as FHA or Reverse, the HARP market has been relatively untouched for some time now. Combine this with our one of a kind letters and data sets, and we are seeing an increase in response once again.

With over 20 years of experience, we can guarantee one of the best responding HARP campaigns so that you can take advantage of a great product and reach qualified homeowners nationwide that are interested in a HARP refinance.

Sample HARP Marketing Letter:


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