Hyper Sales Growth for Mortgages

During this fast paced and exciting webinar Jack, Chris and Jeff will be answering the following questions… 

  • What’s the key to accelerated growth?
  • How do you find top loan originators who can close?
  • What are the keys to top sales performance of loan originators
  • How do you motivate sales people?
  • What’s the one action senior management can take for business growth?
  • How to lower marketing costs and improve lead quality at the same time?
  • What’s the most cost effective marketing strategy that’s working right now?
  • How to implement a contact strategy that converts
  • Why most salespeople are giving up on leads too quickly
  • Parts of sales follow-up worth automating

Jack Daly is a professional sales coach, author, motivational speaker and expert in corporate culture. Jack is a proven CEO/Entrepreneur, having built six companies into national firms, two of which he subsequently sold to the Wall Street firms of Solomon Brothers and First Boston. Now he shares his high energy and best strategies with companies seeking “hyper sales growth”. 

Jeff Bush is the Mortgage Marketing Guru behind many of the top performing direct mail marketing campaigns in the mortgage industry. He is a highly sought after lead generation expert and his company (Overflowworks.com) is managing marketing campaigns for 5 of the top 25 mortgage companies in the U.S.. 

Chris Backe is the director of financial services at Velocify, and a sales automation expert with more than 20 years of experience offering technology solutions to multiple industries. Chris has spent the last 10 years in the financial services industry, holding various positions at industry leading technology companies including Ellie Mae and Salesforce.