Mortgage Direct Mail

Mortgage Direct Mail

Overflow Works offers proven, affordable turnkey mortgage direct mail programs



Mortgage Direct Mail is the fastest and most cost effective way to drive calls into your mortgage company. Overflowworks expertise is in mortgage direct mail and we have mailed over a billion pieces in our career. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.


Over 15 videos right here that show you exactly how it works:


We Confirm the Contact Data

Confirming the contact information – One of the biggest reasons direct mail works so well is due to the fact that the prospective borrower feels like you’ve already done the homework in pre-selecting them for your mortgage offer. It’s very important that your agents are taking advantage of the unique reference codes printed on each mail piece.

Each letter has a unique reference code printed on it. This code gives your loan officers the ability to pull up the data file on each caller at the beginning of the conversation. On each data file you will have the borrowers home address, loan amount, current lender, and often times the existing mortgage rate and payment amount.

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