New Car Dealer Lease Direct Mail Webinar

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View this 20 minute live webinar with Jeff Bush, a 20 year consumer direct marketing veteran, auto-marketing mastermind as he shares his insider secrets on the following:

  1. How to direct mail, email and call your competitors lease expiration customers
  2. Successful case studies from dealers across the nation succeeding on this new car marketing program
  3. How dealers are buying lease returns cheaper off the street than the auction and raising used car gross profits
  4. Action plan to lease 15 more new vehicles in October (that you will not sell without this program)
  5. Uploading this targeted data into your CRM for long term leads and success
  6. Why new car direct marketing usually doesn’t work but why this one does

This 20 minute webinar will show you how to lease an additional 10 – 20 new cars marketing to your competing dealer’s lease returns” and you’ll learn how we build a customized database of every lease expiring within a given radius of your dealership, including:

  • VIN
  • Vehicle Year
  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Current Lease Payment
  • Lease Expiration Dates
  • Blue Book Values


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