Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns


R everse Mortgage direct mail campaigns have been on the rise for some time now due to the massive database of qualified seniors and high ROI for mortgage companies, not to mention the obvious benefits to the homeowners who qualify. Thanks to the sheer volume of mail we have sent out for Reverse Mortgages we have honed the approach and letter to guarantee a stellar response rate amongst our competition, regardless of budget size.

Our Reverse Mortgage direct mail letters not only do an excellent job of getting your phones to ring, but we also ensure that the homeowner is well informed of the product so that your agents can spend less time with callers who are simply looking for information, only to end up leaving once properly educated.

The recent changes in Reverse Mortgage guidelines are all the more reason to trust your direct mail campaign to a company with the experience and expertise that Overflowworks brings to the table with over 20 years in the mortgage direct mail business. Targeting qualified homeowners became more difficult with the new “financial assessments” implemented April 27th, 2015, such that utilizing a quality data set is now more important than ever. It’s still a great time to be mailing for Reverse Mortgages, so long as you are with a company that has the know-how to stay ahead of the curve and deliver the ROI you expect from a Reverse Mortgage mail campaign.


Sample Reverse Mortgage Letter:


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