Video – How to Market for Purchase Loans without Calling Realtors

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In this purchase loan marketing webinar you will learn…

1. How to do Purchase loan marketing

2. How to bring your Realtor partners pre-qualified buyers & partner with your Realtor on cost to bring in 50 buyers.

3. How to market & fund purchase loans through HUD’s new “Back to Work” program. Fund FHA Loans 12 months after BK, Foreclosure & Short Sale

4. Target marketing to borrowers renting homes ready to purchase who don’t know they can buy now

5. Market to Chapter 7 BK discharges 12-36 months old who don’t know they can buy now

6. Market to VA home buyers for 100% financing

7. Special Guest – Multi-State Ginnie Direct Lender who’s currently funding “Back to Work” FHA loans for 12 month old BK, foreclosure, short sale borrowers with NO CREDIT SCORE REQUIRED and important tips to get these loans funded.

8. How to make 3% + 3% + 2% (8% total on purchases)

9. What’s still working for Refi leads?

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